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Solid wood cabinets Design furniture at fair prices for 25 years

Natural living with wood and that in many designs. This is our cabinet program "Forestales". All cabinets and sideboards are sustainably manufactured and treated only with natural oils and are therefore particularly environmentally friendly.


We will be happy to plan your individual Mercur solid wood cabinet in our furniture store in Berlin-Steglitz.


Product data(available in many variants)(not all variants can be combined with each other)

Hinged door wardrobes
- Height: 197 or 216 cm
- Width: from 50 cm, then endlessly extendable with 50 cm / 60 cm / 100 cm / 120 cm elements, as well as a corner module (W/D approx. 100 x 100 cm)
- Depth: 60 cm

Sliding door wardrobes
- height: 216 cm
- width: 180, 240 or 300 cm
- depth: 66 cm
- with 2 or 3 doors
- doors made of wood, as well as with white glass, white glass matt or mirror
Interior layout
Many elements possible for interior partitioning
- Clothes rods
- shelves
- additional middle wall
- Drawer module (height: 67 cm)
- trouser pull-outs
- shelf pull-outs
- interior light
- Available in beech heartwood and wild oak
- Surface treatment: oil from natural raw materials
Assemble your cabinet from different elements.
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Many individual combination options

Plan with us your new solid wood cabinet at a fair price - including delivery and assembly in Berlin.

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