Material tips So that you can enjoy your new piece of furniture for a long time

If you have bought, for example, a new sofa, table or bed, you want the piece of furniture to look beautiful and function well for as long as possible. Therefore, on this page we will give you some tips on how best to treat your piece of furniture and what features and changes are normal and expected over time.

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Leather furniture

  • Place the furniture as far away from the heater as possible
  • Avoid direct sunlight, as it can fade the leather
  • The ideal humidity for leather is 40 to 45% and the temperature should be between 18 and 20 °C if possible.

Our high quality leather covers are natural products with individual characteristics and as a result no two sofas, chairs or armchairs are 100% alike, even if they were ordered from the same series in the same leather. How easy a leather surface is to clean depends mainly on the type of leather. Aniline or smooth leather is largely natural leather, which is characterized by its pleasantly soft and warm surface. Unfortunately, however, this leather is sensitive to stains and other influences. There is an additional protective layer of color on muted leather, which makes it less sensitive and often forgives small mishaps such as spilled liquids if you react quickly and correctly: You should carefully dab and soak up the liquid with a cloth - never rub it in. Covered leather feels slightly cooler and harder than aniline leather. You can tell aniline or smooth leather by the way a drop of water soaks onto it, but with covered leather it beads up on the surface.

Natural features such as neck wrinkles, scars, injuries, insect bites, or horn bites may be noticeable in some leather areas and will not affect the durability of the furniture. Also, the colors within a piece of furniture may vary slightly due to production. We also recommend ordering several pieces of furniture in one leather color directly together, as there may be different colors in later batches. Please also note that over time wrinkles will form on the leather and it will become slightly looser.

Fabric furniture

  • You should vacuum fabric furniture 1 time per week to remove dust and dirt
  • Wipe the fabric often with a slightly damp cloth
  • React immediately to stains by first dabbing them and then carefully removing them from the outside inwards

The longevity of fabric upholstery is largely determined by its abrasion resistance, lightfastness, and resistance to pilling or linting. These values are independent of the price of the sofa and vary for each fabric. All upholstery fabrics offered by us are low in harmful substances, but allergic reactions can never be 100% excluded. From experience, synthetic fibers are the better choice for allergy sufferers. The high quality of our fabric covers is also supported by the fact that they stain very little or not at all. Please note that there may be slight color variations between the pattern and the actual fabric cover.

Solid wood furniture

  • Place the furniture as far away from the heater as possible
  • Avoid direct sunlight, as it can cause color changes
  • The ideal humidity for wood is 40 to 45% and the temperature should be between 18 and 24 °C
  • Regular dusting is important to preserve the color for a long time

Solid wood is a very beautiful, stable and durable material. There are a variety of wood species with different grains and properties. Since it is a natural raw material, no two pieces of wooden furniture are 100% alike, even if they come from the same series. There may also be slightly different colors and textures within the piece of furniture, as well as knots, minor cracks, and pressure marks already showing upon delivery. These are completely natural characteristics and they do not represent a reduction in quality. Depending on the type of wood, the color may darken or lighten over time due to exposure to light, and may be somewhat unevenly distributed on the surface. Depending on the current temperature and humidity, the wood may also expand or contract slightly and thus vary ever so slightly in size. Hot or sharp objects as well as liquids can damage the surface.

Wooden furniture has a limited load-bearing capacity and people should not sit or stand on it. You should also refrain from placing very heavy items on it. Extendable tables, in particular, have less load-bearing capacity.

Upholstered furniture

The upholstery and cover of sofas, armchairs, sofa beds, etc. will change somewhat over time. This is a normal process that does not limit the usability of the furniture. This includes, for example, the formation of wrinkles when the upholstery is tight, and the appearance of waves when the upholstery is casual. The firmness in places where you sit frequently may decrease over time. Therefore, we recommend using all surfaces of the upholstered furniture as evenly as possible. Sometimes, for technical reasons, the under-suspension of the individual elements of a sofa is already slightly different at the factory, so that the seat firmness varies somewhat even within a new sofa. If your piece of upholstered furniture has folding or height adjustment functions, please use them carefully, as they can be damaged by excessive load. In general, you should also not put too much weight on armrests and headrests and, for example, do not sit or stand on them, as these parts are not manufactured for heavy loads.